What is EECP?

Enhanced external counter pulsation (EECP) treatment is an FDA-approved outpatient therapy for chronic stable angina. EECP therapy may also be recommended for some people who need a procedure to restore blood flow to their heart and aren’t eligible for surgery. It treats long-term chest pain chronic stable angina and shortness of breath (Congestive Heart Failure) patients who don’t respond to other invasive treatments.

EECP/ECP Therapy is a safe and non-invasive FDA approved treatment that increases blood circulation and is used for the treatment of chronic stable angina (chest pain) and Heart Failure. It enhances blood flow by pushing blood from the lower body toward the heart.

This type of treatment can reduce your need for medication and increase your ability to be active without experiencing symptoms. Side effects are usually minor. Our healthcare provider can help determine if you are eligible for EECP treatment.


What Does EECP do?

Your heart needs oxygen to function properly, and when issues such as blocked arteries limit.

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EECP Procedure and How does it Works

EECP treatment applies pressure to blood vessels in your lower limbs.

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What Are the Benefits of EECP Treatment?

After completing a course of EECP treatment the patient will found

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Who Is Eligible for EECP Treatment?

You may be eligible for EECP treatment if you: Have long-term chest pain

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What are the main Heart Diseases?

Center for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that 8% of the total deaths

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What to expect during enhanced external counter pulsation (EECP)

Preceding your therapy, you'll meet with your Consultant to examine your

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