EECP Procedure and How does it Works

EECP Procedure and How does it Works

EECP treatment applies pressure to blood vessels in your lower limbs. The pressure increases blood flow back to your heart, so your heart works better. When your heart pumps better, symptoms ease.

Pressure cuffs are wrapped around your lower body while you lay comfortably. These cuffs inflate when your heart is at rest and deflate right before your heart pumps. Because of the exact synchronization with your pulse, EECP treatment has been described as a 'second heart' that allows your heart to perform with less exertion. The rhythmic pulsing of the cuffs is firm, yet comfortable – like a leg massage.

This type of therapy can also encourage blood vessels to open new pathways for blood to flow to your heart. These pathways eventually become "natural bypass" vessels that help relieve symptoms of angina if your coronary arteries are narrowed or blocked.

EECP treatments are administered daily for one hour (Monday through Friday) for 7 continuous weeks resulting up to 5 years of benefit.

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